Car Access to Takaya Shrine


■Tori Gate to the Sky: Takaya Shrine■
Takaya Shrine, Motomiya

Address: Kagawa Prefecture, Shippozan, Takaya Shrine, Motomiya

●Hiking Access
(Japanese only)

●Car Access
・30 mins from the Sanuki Toyonaka exit of the Takamatsu Expressway
・40 mins from the Mitoyo-Tossaka exit of the Takamatsu Expressway
※The route indicated by Google Maps will not take you close to the shrine. Please follow the directions below.

How to Get to Motomiya by Car
①Head towards Fudonotaki Country Park (不動の滝カントリーパーク). You can see signs for this (in Japanese) along Prefectural route 224.
GPS Address: Kagawa, Mitoyo, Toyonaka, Okamoto, Fudonotaki Country Park TEL: 0875-62-5205 (Japanese only)

0 1
●From the West: Turn left here ●From the East: Turn right here
2 3
●Keep left when you reach this sign.
4 6
Follow the red arrows.
8 21
If you look right on the way up, you can get a great view of Heiya!
9 10
Follow the signs left here to go to Takaya Shrine. Follow the road straight to reach the bench overlook.
11 15
Park your car here and walk about 3 minutes uphill to the shrine.
12 13
Don’t forget to offer up a prayer on your way!
What a view! It’s like the stairs go on forever~♪
The shrine has an overlook with benches just a short walk from the parking lot too!
19 18
The beach below this spot is Chichibugahama, the Sky Mirror of the Inland Sea.
At low tide under the setting sun, visitors to Chichibugahama can take pictures like those from the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. You could be there in just 20 minutes!
Follow this link to learn how to get there and the best viewing times.
■Area Map■
Click here to download a map of the area around these locations (Japanese only).
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